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Battle of Gods


This tour takes you on the journey of the Kapu system of Hawaii to the induction of Christianity. Where each way of life is explored through the eyes of the Hawaiian People. Learn about the civil war that took place as both sides fought for what they believed in and for their God.

* The Battle of Kuamo'o
* Mamalahoa Trail (Kings Highway)
* Inside look of the Ancient Hawaiian Kapu system
* Early Catholic presence.
* Story of Christianity as told by the Hawaiians (pros and
* How Kapu and Christianity work together today with Mālama kō aloha.

Visit several heiau's, a very special Catholic Church, and end learning about this great battle at the entrance of this sacred land. Hear the stories of this great battle that are retold through oral history to many of our drivers. Learn why that Ku the God of War is blindfolded during certain times of the year. This is truly a one of a kind tour. Some hiking is required.

Bike on the Wall

Hilo Bike and Historical Day Tour

$220 per person

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes being exposed to new experiences and interacting with local people, then look no further than my exciting Canopy Tour. I take care of all the details - just come and have fun!


Bringing the old Back Pacific Cultural Center Hilo With aha'aina (luau) Show

$65 starting

Join us on a journey to recreate Old Hawaii. The Hawaii that was here before Captain Cook or other immigrants. The traditional Pacific Culture and Laws are being destroyed and are dying. Help us remake this for Hawaii. Listen to the elders speak and regale stories of their beloved Hawaii before the traditional villages were torn down. In Hawaii, when you grow something from the ground or make something with your hands. It becomes a part of you, and you become a part of it. Come to the recreation of old Hawaii and plant a taro or help craft a traditional tool and become a part of repairing Hawaii.

Wednesday Friday Saturday is a full show with hula and everything. AHA Ania Show starts at 5 pm please be here no later than 430 pm

Sunday is just music and culture only NO Hula show

The rest of the week is no show at all just culture center